Call me an out of touch millennial, but I come from an era of rap forums. Not only was there a culture of giving feedback, it was a requirement. If you didn't reply to at least 2, sometimes 3 other threads before posting yours, your thread was deleted. Now any rap forum I go to is completely dead, zero replies on everything, just posting their own links. What's the point? Obviously no one is reading it. We even have people like, "hey, I'm offering free beats!" Why the f would anyone need a free beat on a producer forum? So this isn't just to bag on the site, the members are also idiots. But the site is at fault too. Back in the heyday of rap forums, it was understood as a basic necessity to have a feedback RULE. It wasn't perfect, but it was a hell of a lot better than a completely DEAD forum.

Now on to the members... you don't want to learn more about producing? You don't want to meet other producers, share techniques, formulas and philosophy on mixing tracks or what makes a beat good in general? Wtf is going on? When I first started producing, I met another producer on a forum and he sent me a pirated FLStudio, we learned so much theory and tricks on making instruments sound better. He told me my snares were too busy, I told him his drumrolls were too mechanical, etc. Like... we learn absolutely nothing here. It's a shame.