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Thread: [FREE]Pyrex Whippa x Southside Type Beat - "Malibù" |Rap/Trap Instrumental

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    [FREE]Pyrex Whippa x Southside Type Beat - "Malibù" |Rap/Trap Instrumental

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    New beat!!YouTube

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    Hi, I think that your beat has potential and is really good. I liked the transitions in 1:02 and 1:28 and I think there could be more of them - possibly similar but not the same transitions later on. I also think that the drums sound good and solid, but their arrangement lacks changes, so I would temporarily for example switch them off or add some FX for some bars. But it's more just the topic of taste, I personally like such beats in which there is a lot of things going on.

    If you'd like I would appreciate if you could check my beats and let me know what do you think. If you'd like, please check them in my signature, I would appreciate that much.

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