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Thread: F4F - electronic trap style remix: Moosh&Twist - All Of A Sudden

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    F4F - electronic trap style remix: Moosh&Twist - All Of A Sudden

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    Hi guys! I found these vocals half-way through making my beat, and they sounded nice so I left them in there!

    Moosh & Twist - All Of A Sudden (Zedrar Remix) by Zedrar | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    It's my first time sharing my work here, looking forward to hearing your opinions!
    And if you'd like, leave a link of your work and I will provide feedback at my earliest convenience.


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    Hi Zedrar, regards your beat:

    Cool intro and rise in the beginning of the track
    Nice choice of samples (especially of 808 and btw the patterns are very diverse and absolutely not repetetive).
    Some mixing thoughts: the reversed crash (like in 2:34) is a little bit too loud to me, whereas the synth (in 1:39) is dope and in my opinion could be exposed more (more volume and maybe switching off/filtering other parts).

    Actually, I found that acapella in the past but found it difficult to incorporate into my beats, but in your case it sounds really good, so respect for your work.

    If you could check my tracks (see signature) and let me know what do you think - that'd be much appreciated.

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    Hey thank you for the feedback! I agree about the reverse crash. I also really liked that synth too! I tried making it louder but it clashed with the vocals so I had to compromise for the sake of the mix.

    Also DUUUUUUUUDE your remix is so good. I love how you leave the LFO'd synths open sometimes for variation. The LOVE the R&B vibe you have going on, your composition works incredibly well with those Aaliyah vocals. Your vocal chops are truly masterful, I'm seriously impressed! In fact I'm kind of jealous.

    The only feedback I can give you is regarding your mix. While individually, I REALLY like all the elements (vocals chops, vocals, synths), I find they are clashing and competing in your mix. I can't hear the lead vocals that well, and I found those amazing vocal chops to be too in-my-face. I would recommend EQing out some of the mids of the synths and vocal chops, and maybe panning of the vocal chops to create room for the lead vocals. This is all just my personal opinion of course.

    Overall a very nice song! You've got a great flow and there wasn't a single part of the song I felt uninterested. Liked and followed.
    Looking forward to your future work,


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    Ohhh you a problem with the beats, eh?! This beat is raw. And the vocals blend well with it. Great Content! DBLK
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