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Thread: [F4F] - Big Krit x J Cole Type Beat- Anxiety

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    [F4F] - Big Krit x J Cole Type Beat- Anxiety

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    Hey guys just put this out on YT. LMK what you think

    Drop your link below and i'll respond asap

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    I really liked the transitions that you made in 1:04 or 2:54 - they make the beat move and remain interesting. I also find the drum pattern to be groovy and good sounding. What I've noted myself in terms of what you can consider to do another way are: 1) Bass - I think it's a little bit muddy and might need some EQ 2) Kick - in my opinion I would EQ the transient more or use a transient shaper - it has cool low end, but I think it needs to have more punch to be better audible.

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