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Thread: Deadly Wind | Prod. Mycelial Cords

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    Deadly Wind | Prod. Mycelial Cords

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    Completely new vibe for me, was an interesting listen. I think I would add more reverb and/or delay to the piano in the verses so that it doesn't wanish so quickly, I also think the chorus parts like one from 1:14 should have some richer arrangement so that the chorus is 'bigger' than verse. On the other hand it can be a matter of taste as well, it wwere just ideas I think would be good to consider. Nice drums by the way, well balanced and fitted to the track.

    If you'd like to check my new tracks and let me know what do you think - please find them below:

    Reese Bass & Polish music samples [F4F]

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    The drums patters sounded a bit boring for me. I think there was a lack of melodies in the beat too. The sequence wasn't bad, but overall I was waiting for something to happen and nothing did. Your sound selection is good but I would like to hear more stuff/melodies from the piano in this beat along with more sounds added. It is not a bad beat though.

    let me know what you think of my latest beat: (F4F) D'zhi Muzik - "New Bugatti"

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