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Thread: Big Mac. - EDM / Dirty Rap - Boofy

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    Cool Big Mac. - EDM / Dirty Rap - Boofy

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    Hi All,

    Here for some feedback, I've recently just purchased compressors, de-essers etc but aside from that I could really use a vocalist or can I get some honest feedback on if my voice could be acceptable to a wider audiance or if I should just perhaps use a vox/synth and just do heavier EDM music with drops like 'we're the F****n animals'... I kind of want to get into creating EDM / House Rap somehow. I'm 28, from the UK and I've been producing since the start of lockdown January, I've put a few electronic / EDM tracks on Spotify already "Pill Connection" & "Power" probably being two of my favourites however I'm here to see if anyone has production tips on vocals / lyrics on this genre or perhaps if you're a decent rapper with the right kind of sound and you can see what I was going for you'd be into this kind of tune...

    Big Mac by Boofy | Boofy | Free Listening on SoundCloud
    Wiggle back wit it
    Snap back, hit it
    Imma make a killin with a big hype, thatís winnin'

    So tap wit it, an clap wit it
    If I gon make a rhythm imma bat that home run

    Big stack of it
    Rack rack of it
    Imma make a killin when they drop that ass wit it
    Itís on repeat and they vibiní out
    Ball of cash in the air and I swing bat clout
    Rap back at it
    Big Mac wit it
    Two sides of fries an one heart attack wit it
    Delivered straight to your door by your favourite ******* (think his names Dave)?
    Get out my face
    I donít wanna know about the lies you told
    So just tell me
    How can I act surprised, when Iím empty
    When your the one who cries, over my Big Mac
    Keep the spot shakin' with the hot sauce.
    - Drop -

    Appreciate the listens / feedback! Thanks!
    - J "Boofy"
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