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Thread: 15 Year Old Producer, Rock/Rap Beat (F4F)

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    15 Year Old Producer, Rock/Rap Beat (F4F)

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    Aggresive D12 Rock/Rap Beat (FREE) - Prod. Luminosity - YouTube

    I've been producing for around a year now, this is a beat where I've put all the aspects I've learned in. Composing, Sampling, Mixing, and Mastering. Obviously very beginner kind of stuff but since I'm only 15 I really need pointers in the right direction.

    Just let me know what you think and I'll return all feedback within a few hours!

    Thank you for your time.

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    Thanks for the detailed feedback!

    - I like the bassline -- its really catchy
    - The eletric guitars panned to the right is wayyyy too much -- you should lower the volume by alot!
    - I think you could've selected a bigger KICK and turn it up a bit more
    - Same with the snare -- try layering more snares on top and upping the volume more to make it stand out in the mix
    - I like the arragnement and composition though

    Try working on the mix and you'll have a good beat!

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