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Thread: Smooth jazzy collab

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    Cool Smooth jazzy collab

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    Hi All,
    long time I haven't been here

    I wrote a smooth jazz tune and an cool artist called 808vic added some cool words on it.
    I used the DAW freeware called Jeskola Buzz to produce it, no outside gear or rework.

    All was written, no sampled music or loops. Only one shot samples to write the drums. Drum machine is a native sampler from my DAW.
    ePiano is a free vst (mda ePiano), brass, guitar and acoustic bass are soundfont. All fx are native from my DAW.

    Here it is :

    buzz blues (prod. magmavander) by 808vic | Free Listening on SoundCloud
    frenchy but chic! sharing my music

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    I am looking for some jazzhop inspirations and your track was one that was fine to listen. I think that the smooth jazz feeling is present and audible throughout the track, I guess you had a quite difficult task mixing all of the instruments - trumpet, piano and bass, but in my opinion you did it really well. Personally the drum pattern was something that caught my attention as it is minimalistic and leaves space for other instruments, but still is present throughout the mix. I also liked the timbre of your voice and I think it should be bigger in the mix (maybe with compression or recording it in another way) - that's the only thing that comes to my mind in terms of what could be improved. The rest sounds really pleasant and smooth, so respect for your work.

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