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Thread: Odd jazz beat I made. Feedback for feedback

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    Odd jazz beat I made. Feedback for feedback

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    Idk I tried making something not a trap, and I came up with this and I enjoyed it.

    Let me know what I can do better, cause I'm trying to improve like we all are.
    I'll do the same for you

    Thank you

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    Sorry it is going to be little bit harsh. Those string chords screw everything up. They sound like they don't belong here at all. Like someone is sawing trees nearby. And that bass is too melodic, it is already overcomplicated in beginning and for some reason you decided to put everything together. In rest of the track it is okay, but at the beginning I thought my brain would catapult out of my head it was too much. Second half sounds too empty after you gave out everything in first half.
    Just thin out the beginning and put something from there to second half so it would be proportionate.

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