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Thread: New NeoSOul/R&B Joint! F4F!

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    New NeoSOul/R&B Joint! F4F!

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    Check it out!!!! F4F!! Here's the link!
    Terrence "Esquire" Huggins

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    This is awesome. Much more listenable than other future jazz/soul songs. I see that this song is finished and it sounds great, but I guess you could apply any of my feedback to future tracks. I think the lead synth at 48 seconds could be a tad bit louder since it sounds hidden (does that make sense?) Besides that i think everything is really pro-level. Maybe add more variation to the drums (such as panning) but I also noticed you did a good job changing up the velocity and volume of the drums which is a sleek and nice touch. Keep it up. (I need help on a track too, it would be awesome to get your ideas on it)
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