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Thread: Jazzy, Amy Winehouse/Snoh Aalegra vibes - "Ghosts" - F4F!

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    Jazzy, Amy Winehouse/Snoh Aalegra vibes - "Ghosts" - F4F!

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    Hey yall,

    First time trying this style, please let me know what you think:

    Maschine MK3. KK S61 MK2. Logic Pro X.

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    In my opinion you've made a good choice of drum samples
    . The
    bassline in terms of arrangement and sound - sounds and fits good, I also like the
    long decaying horn/trumpet and nice and warm crash transitions. It would be fine to check the beat with the vocals on them, because I think the track as a whole lacks some foundation. I don't know if I describe it properly, but I assume it could sound bigger with not much effort (maybe more compression?). Nevertheless, generally your track has nice, smooth vibe, so respect for your work.

    If you'd like to check my tracks (signature) and let me know what do you think - that would be much appreciated.

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