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Thread: Produce a Track for Charity

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    Produce a Track for Charity

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    I know this isn't about site improvements but it is something to motivate and put our talents to good uses. I hope the admins will allow this little off topic post ride.

    So I have a challenge for all producers here. Something like the ALS challenge, but instead wasting fresh water, injuring yourself doing something over the top, or playing the "one up" game, make a track for charity.

    First of course you gotta make a track. Then, once completed add your charities name to the track name like "DJ awesome pants - supastar funk daddy (CHARITY NAME HERE)". Next, in the tracks description you put the information about the charity, it's cause, etc etc. Last, you just donate all the proceeds to that charity.

    People get a dope track, those in need get helped, you get the pleasure of making heads nod and improving someones life. Pretty good deal IMHO.

    I know some people are shady and would abuse this, that's granted. But, for the most part I think musicians would actually, for the most part, be true to the idea.
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