I'm told these have a "serial killer vibe", but you be the judge!

Not sure what genre to call these. Treat seems like a familiar genre, kind of deep southern blues with a killer grumbling his inner thoughts? Shape of Pears is more alternative, a bit Radiohead maybe (style not quality! ).

I used to program music 30 years ago in high school and have just got back into it about 4 months ago. Spent most of that time tweaking these two tracks. Pretty happy with them, but the mix never seems to quite sound perfect.

Any feedback, good or bad, on any aspect would be appreciated (mastering, instruments, chords, effects, vocals, lyrics, etc). I basically can't sing, so that may be the weakest part, but they did come out better than expected after some production!

I have a third track too which is very different, boogie-woogie style piano with drums and double bass, which I'll include here for completeness. This is one I wrote 30 years ago but just recently added drums & bass.