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Thread: Singularity - Life (Chill Proggresive Beat) (Budding Artist) All feedback Appretiated

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    Cool Singularity - Life (Chill Proggresive Beat) (Budding Artist) All feedback Appretiated

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    Made this beat a couple of weeks ago and was hoping to share it here to get some opinions/feedback on the song. Any and all tips would be appretiated

    Made this song with the idea of progressing through life and all the different stages and even going into your next life and repeating the cycle

    If you like it hit up my soundcloud
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    I love the concept behind the track! the different stages are well represented and it feels as if time is speeding up and becoming more hectic/difficult as it goes on, before becoming more minimalistic as we get older, before the sudden stop. really cool concept, and i dig the wonky synth melody. Good work! If you have time i'd love your input on my latest track:

    thanks pal!

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    the brief, trumpet sound at 1:52, sounds out of place.
    Is that a test to see if people listen before they critique ? lol

    I enjoyed the tune. head was bobbing. maybe a few more changes in the bassline. sounded a little repetitive. but, I like the sound quality and overall song.

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