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Thread: Need some feedback on my latest track, I will mention you in the description!

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    Need some feedback on my latest track, I will mention you in the description!

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    Hey guys,
    I need some feedback on my new track. If you help out I would love to list you in the description of my next song as a thank you. I also am more than happy to leave feedback for your track if you want honest feedback. I first came up with a chord progression I liked and tried to make the rhythm natural sounding but still able to fit with programmed drums, so it was a lot of trial and error. There are 2 electric guitar rhythms going on at the same time for lots of the song. These were done with my brand new Big Muff Pi with wicker. The reversed pad sounds are some delayed guitar reversed and put in the correct order. The pads are sylenth1 and the bells are sylenth1 and FM8 with reverb. Sub Bass is just some 3xosx. The strings are from the Kontakt default library. In this song I tried to make the drums patterns unique. Every… Single… One… They all sound similar but all have very minor changes to the volume and timing. Some rises you hear are my using a whammy bar and reversing it in post and also using a slide with lots of delay then reversing it.

    Thanks a bunch you guys!

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    Really nice to listen to! Not really to my taste in music so I won't be great at giving a personal opinion but production-wise it's really nice. Has a real raw edge to it which really suits the style! Feel it would go really cool with some Bob Dylan vocals or something alike to be fair! Real nice work man keep it up!
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    This is very mellow and calm to listen too, kinda makes you feel safe <-- how I feel about it
    everything sounds great, I really liked the chords guitar and the silent atmospheric guitars, but I think the electric guitar could be less aggressive. <-- my opinion about the sound
    despite all of that, I think the best thing you could practice (for this piece) is timing on the guitar, like, to work with a metronome for a while so you can land the strumming in the right time.

    over all I really enjoyed it, its my kind of indie music.
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    Nice cool track. Needs more weirdness and power.

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    I really enjoyed that from start to finish , really cool flow and different to anything else I heard today . Production was spot on too , crystal clear. I also checked your track "brain case" that thing is a beast !
    Feel free to check me out , I've only got one track up so far but more coming with different styles

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