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Thread: New beat tape! Junkie blend: Old school new cool

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    New beat tape! Junkie blend: Old school new cool

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    Dahm havent been on here in 2 or 3 years probably, hope fp is still dope as it was back in the day... i may return? i use to post samples n the digging section n all that some of yall might remember idk prolly not... anyway back in like 09 i dropped my first beattape (very amatuerly done, never did nothing with it) and of course posted it here (pretty much all samples i got from fp) got real good feedback a few members even rated each beat and critiqued and reviewed it which i thought was real cool, it def helped me improve and so i guess im gonna post my first "official" beattape some years later just hoping for some critique and feedback. thank you

    p.s. not my greatest beats or nothing just a collection of unreleased ones, new ones are at SoundClick artist: Jay B Beats - page with MP3 music downloads

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