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Thread: For You (EDM) [FEED4FEED]

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    For You (EDM) [FEED4FEED]

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    Hey Guys

    Please rate my track, i am trying to adapt to a festival style and the next track is already in progress.

    Thank you so much!

    For You by LiLVinci | Li LVinci | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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    listened to your mp3 and really liked the melodies, structure and chords.
    What made it difficult for me to keep listening was the singing voice and the mix of the lead instruments:
    had the impression that the vocal doesn't 100% fit to the notes of the melody, I could imagine that instead of the voice just using another synth-instrument could help here.
    The synth at 1:20 sounded a little miss-phased on my headphones.
    All in all, am interested for your next tracks

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