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Thread: Train wreck - Indian Indie Electronic Music

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    Train wreck - Indian Indie Electronic Music

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    Hey Guys! Recorded something this New Years. Would really be grateful if you guys could give it a listen and tell me the good and the bad. Arrangement wise, Mix Wise, Anything. I think It'll go long ways in helping me step up my game. Thank you!

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    Hey. First of all, very beautiful track. I love the atmosphere, melody and contrast. One point of criticism I could give is that the vocals are a bit too prominent / loud, which drowns out the also beautiful music. I thought the production was a little flat in the beginning, until a bit later on the actual power dropped in. Thus, I think the 'flat' sound is not a bad thing, rather something I noticed because I was solely focused on listening critical Nothing more I could say, I really like it!

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