Hi all,

I've been putting together my first two tracks over the last couple of weeks, it's an exciting feeling to actually make something after a long period as a music fan. I've tried to give them a bit of variety and haven't focused on making them mixable or being genre specific, just trying to put my influences in a blender and seeing what comes out. I've got so much to learn about production that it's not funny, but I feel like I can't make the perfect the enemy of the good and just wanted to put some music out there that sounded good to me.

This was my first effort. It ended up with some The Prodigy/Boards of Canada influences, while hopefully adding in my own twist.

Clockwork Rebellion

This one is built around Lydian and I tried to challenge myself with something completely different and having a big transition mid-track.

Lydi'n Bass

All comments gratefully received!