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Thread: Sugar Rush (Electro House/Melbourne) - Will return feedback!

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    Red face Sugar Rush (Electro House/Melbourne) - Will return feedback!

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    Hey guys, just looking for some tips on how to improve this track I'm currently working on. Really trying to get as close as I can to something commercially acceptable now in terms of loudness + general sound though I seem to be struggling in a few areas. I feel like I'm getting kinda close to what I'm after except for the fact that there seems to be some distortion here and there + the reverb gets squashed so much at some points that it just doesn't sound quite right.

    I'm also looking for feedback on anything else too such as compositional ideas (ie melody, arrangement etc), sound design and anything else that may be of value to help me achieve this goal!

    As stated in the title, I will also return any feedback given so just drop a link to your thread in your reply and I'll hop right on that

    Track - sugar rush 2.0 wip - Clyp

    Thanks in advance x
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    For starters: I love the Sounddesign and the Melody, try to keep them.
    But the song seems rather short, so try to add an intro, outro, make transitions etc. (obviously it's a wip, but I just wanted to mention it)
    Also the song feels just a bit empty/flat; I think that is the case, because your song has a really narrow stereo field.
    Try to increase that and you are on the right track (pun intended).
    The song has great potential, so keep on the good work.

    PS: The name reminds me of "Pixl - Sugar Rush", so maybe think of something different, but that's not really production advice. So do whatever you want with this information.

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