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Rising Power 2K17 Vol. 41 by Vyt4s | Free Listening on SoundCloud


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1. Arcader - Zeus

2. CryJaxx - U Mess With Lords

3. N.P.G & Drek's & Oliver Hawls - Atlantis (Original Mix)

4. VENRO - Excalibur (Original Mix)

5. LGHTR - Sensei

6. DASH3N - Battle (Original Mix)

7. Charle & Chriz - Shotgun

8. Centineo - Boomshaka (Original Mix)

9. KEVU - Go Down (Original Mix)

10. SHKHR - The Enforcer


12. Hazok x RaverZ - UND (Original Mix)

13. Deniz Koyu - To The Sun (Aviale Remix)

14. Yanco & Dlugosh - Radical

15. Olly James - Taka

16. Azooland & Pineapploud - Hard Now

17. Jayden Jaxx & Saberz - Ultron (Original Mix)

18. Subliminals, Newgeat & STVRLORD - Original (Original Mix)

19. Artelax & SaberZ - Blaze (Original Mix)

20. Wanden & KRMB - Nightgale

21. Pigalle, Axiver, Gangi ft. Giulia Pirola - Among The Stars

22. Matt Roux & Robbie Koex Ft. Lunayru - Bittersweet (Original Mix)

23. ARMAX - Flashback

24. Yeah Yeah Yeahs & A-Trak - Heads Will Roll (Declain & K&K 2k17 Bootleg)

25. Dystany - Insulation

26. DJ VIEW - FUNK (Original Mix)

27. BTFWD - Carnage & Junkie Kid (TERROR BASS HARD TRAP REMIX)

28. RVDY - Chrono

29. RVDY - Wolves

30. GLDN & TNO - Genesis (Original Mix)


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