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Thread: Ready for this beginner?

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    Ready for this beginner?

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    Hello Guys,

    Greetings from The Netherlands. You have built a great forum. I hope i can learn some cool things here.

    My name is Michael, and - as already told - i'm from The Netherlands. Music is my life since i'm just a little boy. From that time, till now.. i play in several bands and did some cool acoustic recordings on Youtube

    Since 1 year, and since approx 3 months now, i'm trying to make some catchy vibes. Listening to Martin Garrix, Tiesto and other big names i tought it can be that hard to do by myself. Hmm. That was a big mistake.

    So, i'm just a beginner. But i'm working very hard and try to get better and better every time. Maybe you can join my journey. Please let me know what you think of this 2 catchy vibes.

    To get an audience.. maybe you can subscribe on my Soundcloud page. But, only if you like it

    You can fine me on Soundcloud by searching 1qw1 in the search form. Also you can check out my guitar channel on Youtube by searching Michael Scheper

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    Hi Scheper, I have listened to your tracks. I think you have done well stylistically with your tracks, they are full of uplifting energy.
    One thing to focus on is the punch of the drums to drive the track (important for this kind of dance/EDM stuff) - the kick drum needs to pull through in the mix and so on a couple of them you could look at emphasis on that using a limiter. Thanks for the post :-)

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