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Thread: Opinions/Feedback on a track (F4F)

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    Opinions/Feedback on a track (F4F)

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    Post any feedback or general opinions you may have about this track, and I'll return the favor.

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    Hi AInclan,

    Thanks for sharing with us. I do like the retro electro feel to the song and feel that you did a great job on its progression,although a sort-of break or bridge part would have made the track even more interesting.

    If I may suggest:
    - The kick is a bit too loud around the beginning, and I believe taking about 1 db, give or take, off for a better blend might help.
    - The rest of the drums seem a little dry at times. The snare is a little quiet and dry in particular, and I believe more space and reverb could help. 80's snares are really spacey from I can recall.
    - The clavinet-like synth in the last 1/3 of the song is a little too loud for me, and maybe lower or remove a little from top-most frequencies with EQ so it doesn't sound as sharp when it hits?

    I hope I was able to be of help!

    Best of wishes and Happy New Year!

    Click here to go to my post to provide feedback. Thanks!

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    Just going by first impression, I liked what you did here, definitely has the big synth 80s feel. The snare is a bit in the background in comparison with the kick which stood out to me, but other than that, you have the right elements here.

    Thanks for sharing
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