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Thread: Nightmares

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    Hi guys,
    been hiding in my basement for a while. Would been very keen to get some feedback on this track "nightmares" I did. How do you like the overall sound, sound design, mix? How do you feel about the high notes coming in around 4:23?
    I have some doubts about the snare sound as well, let me know what you think!

    Nightmares by DZM | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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    Hello, well first of all, the track is quite low in level
    needs compression/limiting/saturation/clipping.
    When compressing or limiting aim for around ~3 db on
    individual tracks. For saturation and clipping its a bit
    subtle, you have to go with what sounds good.

    The drums,snare etc, feels like there are not part of something
    together, you can send them in the same space with
    a bit of reverb.

    For the melody at 4:23 , it actually fits with the tonality
    but the sound itself is not quite suitable.

    Would you listen to my track?
    Us In The Night by Greg Dillon | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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    Duuuuude, welcome back!! I've been wondering about you but I'm glad to see you're still pumping out music.

    This is quite atmospheric and definitely has a dark feel to it. I've noticed that your levels are quite low here and you could add a limiter and using an EQ to your master bus so it boosts up the dynamics a little higher. I think other than that, the song itself is pretty interesting in terms of the length of the track and interesting sound design choices you've used here which imo fits with the title of the track. The rhythm is quite catchy, it's emotional and the song itself just reels you back in every time you want to wake up from some nightmare you're having. The high notes/melody fits in quite well and certainly gives it a climactic feeling, though I think if you were to add a different sound, it could make more of an impact (not sure what synth you can use but experiment a little with it.)

    Keep it up and thanks for sharing!

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