Inspirational, melodic, mindblowing Hardcore/Electro Remix of Butterflies & its Melody gonna be stucked in your head for A LONG TIME ^^ I simply first time in my entire 6,5 years of producing music & remixes having hard time to describe this remix it touches feelings and heart so deep that after this one you will never be the same :3 Enjoy! You can download it in "... More" button bellow track.

I made this Remix for Mogsba & Aitor Blond Feat. Aimi - Butterflies remix competition. Thanks so much to @mogsba , @aitor_blond , @iamaimiofficial & @melodic-tunes , for making this remix and opportunity to me show my skills to whole Melodic Tunes Comunity <3

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I created this Remix for Mogsba & Aitor Blond Feat. Aimi - Butterflies remix competition.
You can use my music in mixes or videos only by giving any credits in description for me & this remix artists (in text or with voice).

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