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Thread: Looking for Record Label

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    Looking for Record Label

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    Hey there i have got allmost 10 years of experience with producing in Ableton Live.
    I have some damn good productions online (on private) because i send them to various Record Labels
    I have 1 track public on Soundcloud, but if you would like to hear what i have got on private, just ask.
    Not new to the buisness I signed record deals for tracks multiple times, but with old artist names.
    I want a fresh start and to be honest the tracks i produce these days are way better then the published ones.

    Here is the Soundcloud link to my page, i will upload a couple more tracks today so you can see what genre i produce.
    D. Bass System | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    Couple tracks are on public, but the real diamonds are in private mode because of demo submissions!
    If interested just ask!

    I hope to hear something soon, enough tracks at my disposal!

    D. Bass System
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