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Thread: Journeying Across a Sea of Stars WIP - E1GHTH PLACE

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    Journeying Across a Sea of Stars WIP - E1GHTH PLACE

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    Hey all, E1GHTH PLACE here,

    I've been writing new music and lots of them are WIPs with the idea that some of them end up making the cut. There's one that sounds pretty good imo but curious what you think of it. Any kind of critique is welcomed!

    Journeying Across a Sea of Stars by E1GHTH PLACE | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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    Dude I love those moody intro pads. Beautiful chord sequence. I feel like the melody riffs @ 0:30 could be a little more bombastic and glorious. Solid beat and pickup midway in. Love the percussive staccato strings. Love the Matrix-esque outro. Sounds like a song off the Matrix Reloaded sountrack. Overall solid production.

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