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Thread: Hi, can you guys tell me if you like this style ?

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    Hi, can you guys tell me if you like this style ?

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    So the production is pretty good, everything sounds like it should but there is one huge thing with this track thats really killing the vibe, the D# to A in the lead that keeps happening sounds really gross in this context and kills this as a dance track. Even if its repeated and is intention it really takes away from the track, especially since it happens so often. The style itself is just fine, if not a little generic but if thats what you want then full power to you.

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    A little under-produced. The energy isn't quite there yet. Stock sounding pianos and the drums are
    just rather flat, in my opinion. Don't let me discourage you though. Keep making tracks. I love the synth leads!
    Neat idea, just didn't feel executed like I'd expected. Still, it was enjoyable.

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