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Thread: First song released in years, F4F

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    Cool First song released in years, F4F

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    AK by Airknight | Free Listening on SoundCloud
    I haven't released songs in years, as I am a bit of a perfectionist with my music. I finally realised today I have to get my music back out there for feedback to grow and learn what I am doing wrong. I am willing to listen to anyones tracks just for some feedback, enjoy guys!

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    Hey airknight! I like the intro with the bass and the sparkly synths... The lead melody that comes in works well but feels a bit dry... A bit of delay/echo/reverb for that would be nice. When the drums come in it has a nice sense of energy! Honestly it sounds like it could be an amazing track, all of the melodic ideas are there with the drums etc. All i think you need is to work on cleaning up the mix with sidechaining and compression etc as it feels just a bit out of control... And in addition to that making the sounds more exciting at some points. I really dig it though!

    If you cohld take the time to look at core of the earth, on this subforum, and send some feedback my way i'd really appreciate it! If you like it a repost would also help, as i have a very small soundcloud account right now
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    Hey good you finished a track, I understand the perfectionist mentality. Gotta get the songs out though if you wanna learn! Musically sounds good. One thing I think could be improved is the sound design/choices. One example is the main sound that plays through the first minute; it sounds like a very generic saw sound and I think choosing a different sound could improve the song by lot. Just my thoughts.

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    You lose it when the synth comes in after 1.44. This needs a lot of eq. Thinning out! When listening back it doesn't stand out as bad as we've already experienced it happen. Work on getting that sound more into the track. Try working on it's envelope and more modulation other than the filter. I'm surprised you went with that choice, moving away fro the bit style else where.
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    hey there,

    the lead that kicks in later needs some work, as already mentioned, or just level it differently, it really fights for space

    also the crash that repeats from 1:20 is a bit too loud, it takes away the attention from other things in the track

    but overall it works alright

    btw there's also like 1 min of silence after the end, perhaps cut that out next time

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    A lot of things going on at once some places. Try molding more with EQ so every track can get along together + it might get bouncier with a bit of sidechain for the kick if you are going for that kind of thing

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