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Thread: EDM and Genres (Breaking into the game)

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    EDM and Genres (Breaking into the game)

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    Everyone thinks they make EDM beats nowadays. So make sure you make tracks that fit in unique genres not just Dub-step or House rather a sub genre like Chill-Step or Liquid-DnB that will peak peoples interest. This track is "French Electro" a spin off of "French House" and no we are not from France but NYC rather.
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    One question here: by being a sub-genre, it's not wrong to call a chill-step song dubstep, right?

    I do some dark-themed dubstep, like a mixture of horror movie score with old school dubstep. So, I would call it horror-step? C'mon, man. We already have too many label on music today. When you label things, you tend to limit yourself to this label, and do only it.

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