Launch of the new duo Warp Spasm, and the single God's Favourite Colour. At the rough mix/master stage right now, any advice on improving the song and how to successfully promote/ launch the new project would be great. Also wanting to network with other producers and share advice/ feedback!


Amidst a two year epoch of creative impasse the worlds of Kenneth A. Clearwater and Fritz Wiltchester III collided to become the foremost authorities of the Euro- Break Fusion genre of the C-trance idiom.

Drifting aimlessly through the crimson summer breeze as a distraught youth, Kenneth A. Clearwater once looked to the rain dance of the trees for inspiration. The random elegance of the naturalistic sounds, wrought with his love of electronic music, forged his musical methodology.

Hitherto, Danish born electronic music protégé Fritz Wiltchester III, has developed his C- Trance style originally conceived in his hometown of Aarhus C, Denmark, for which the style is coined. The enduring composers of yesteryear, including the Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras, have continued to perpetuate the direction of Mr. Wiltchester III's musical ideology.

Mr. Clearwater and Mr. Wiltchester III's aforementioned two year creative impasse resulted in Mr. Wiltchester III's arrival to Toronto Canada with the sole purpose of reviving the C- Trance idiom. This lead to the mutual introduction of these two electronic music producers in the fabled spring of 2013.

Now working out of their private studio, Kenneth A. Clearwater and Fritz Wiltchester III have asserted their C- Trance style in the North American Market.

Below are links to Facebook and our music. Any support or feedback would be fantastic.