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Thread: D.A.H. Trump - Experimental Unique Track - F4F I WILL ALWAYS RETURN FEEDBACK!

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    ay I'm feeling this arrangement a lot! This is where music is going nowadays, and all that formulaic simple s**t is trending downwards. This sounds pop without sounding cookie-cutter. I could hear a Top-40 song being laid over this. Like some Pitbull/Ne-Yo/Katy Perry type stuff.

    Production wise, you have a lot going on, but for the most still manage to give every element it's share of sonic space. Percussion arrangement is on point too. I follow you on Soundcloud, haven't listened to all of your tracks, but the ones I have heard always have nice mixing.

    When you get the chance, check out my latest track!

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    I'm definitely feeling this man. This is pretty great. I love it actually. To be honest I'm curious of how you made it and I'm curious of your process. I want to do something similar to this. The chords are excellent and it's a great mix. I want to pick your brain if possible. If you wouldn't mind I would love some feedback on my new beat as well. I'll post the link here but please get back to me. This was very well done.

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