Hello fellow producers!

So I've come across a sound I really like, but I've searched and I couldn't find out what this technique is called.
I've heard this sound in many songs before, especially electro house-type songs.

I've decided to bring it to you guys, maybe someone with more experience than me would know.

Here are some songs to hear it:

James Woods - Departure (Original Mix) at 1:27

Skrillex (featuring Penny) - All I ask of you at 0:37

Forekast - Sun Clouds (Original Mix) at 1:56

I would've posted links but I can't, as I don't have 5 posts yet.

The answer is probably obvious, but I'm fairly new to all of this. I have learned some neat techniques, but I love to learn and its very exciting.

It sounds like a synth that breaks in to something a little more tense. Not sure if it's some kind of lead synth or whatever.

If any of you guys can point me in the right direction, recommend me a youtube video or give me the name of this technique, that would be really amazing.