Hey everyone,
I'm new here and I wanted to dive in and ask everyone their opinions!

Have you guys used Splice or Native Instruments Sounds yet?

If so which one do you like best and why?

I'm leaning a little more towards Sounds just because I find it very easy to use. Although I wish they would clean a few things up like how they present their charts. But overall I think it's much more simpler than Splice.

I'm a web designer as well as (hobby) beat maker. So I usually judge sites more on how their presented. I feel splice may be a little overwhelming. I feel that they are trying to provide a lot and they're trying to draw you in to a bunch of different things at once. When sounds on the other hand focuses just on the samples. I also like how even when you're not register you can still stream samples. Splice you have to register just to see what they offer !

Let me know what you guys think about the sites! And which ones do you think provide the best value ?