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Thread: Sampling into mv-8800 through aux (phono) creates white noise

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    Sampling into mv-8800 through aux (phono) creates white noise

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    The phono is RCA i believe. Crappy little wires mainly for using with old turntables and such. Like the thin black and red wires you would normally use on a cheap set of stereo speakers except these are white and yellow. Anyone have a reason for why this would have a bunch of static while trying to sample? The signal chain is 1/8" to Phono. In layman's terms one side is your general aux cord and the other end is white and yellow to the input. Like crazy noise that has nothing to do with the audio file im trying to sample. All I can think of is the cord being old or broken...

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    I think you might have already identified the problem. Usually when I encounter problems like this, I try a different cord and if I get the same results I begin to seek other possible problems. Power supply, other equipment in the signal chain, etc. Could be the phonograph itself producing the noise or possibly a degraded needle cartridge that needs replacing?
    If it's a unique sounding white noise, I would record/sample it before moving on. Make a positive out of a negative

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