Good Morning All!

I have started a sample leads email newsletter that peoplehere might be interested in. I send out sample leads every sunday with links tothe youtube videos. So far I have about 1000 subscribers and each week we holda beat contest from the previous newsletter and the winner is featured in thenext email.

A little about me:

I have a love for soul, abstract, foreign, jazz, andpsychadelic music and have been lucky enough to work at a job that allows me tolisten to whichever music I please, all day long.

So I scour the internet 8 hours per day for obscure andmostly unique samples. I do not guaruntee they have not been used by someone atsome point but for the most part they will be mostly unused potential samples.I also do not guarantee any of the samples clearances.

I do this for free because I love the 90's era and the art ofsampling and hope to keep it alive.

The website with sign up sheet is here for anyone interested:

Digging In The Internet