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Thread: Quick question on sampling

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    Quick question on sampling

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    I've really been getting into sampling the past few months it's actually way more fun and feels more organic than using a midi keyboard. My problem is I'm getting way better at finding samples but when I'm making the beat with the sample I found I just can't ever the song bigger. Like I found badass 4 second guitar lick.... But now what loop that same thing 16 times? Because in the song any other chops just won't go with the vibe of the specific part I took anybody else have to grow out of this or am I musically retarded lol

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    so this is a question about structuring and extending a song, yes?

    do you also take the same length sample from the song where the highlighted instrument do not play?

    essentially: having the same sample without the main melodic idea makes it easier to make transitions between the melodic version and the tacit version, thus allowing you to build structures that work without much effort
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    This is when I feel the men get separated from the boys...Go look in other songs for something to add to that guitar loop. Pulling from multiple records is a must have skill in order to consider yourself proficient in sampling. Imagine the range of sounds you now have when you can pull from artists and genres totally unalike!

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