Ginuwine - Pony

8 years ago I was digging through SF2/Soundfont files and I come across an SF2 file that Timbaland for sure used cause it had the other sounds that accompanied the exact sound I'm looking for that was used in the song (Burp Bass). But this SF2 had (The Baby Giggle, the HH's, The synth used as main melody, 10 other percs n sounds used in other TIM songs, and, of course the coveted BURp BAss.

I FIgured I"d ask anyone know where I can get this Burp Bass SF2? (CAUSe it's old) and failing to find it reminded me to come here as someone can pick up where I failed/left off.

I Can remake another burp bass, but that entire fuckin Kit man and the way that burp bass sounded... Someone might of took the old like 1993 drum/sound kit cd and rendered it into a SF2 file.

I'm gonna do some looking around on this site (For unrelated reasons).