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Thread: How to stretch a synth preset in Zebra2?

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    How to stretch a synth preset in Zebra2?

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    There a few presets in Zebra2 that get cut off automatically when the note is being stretched for too long in the piano roll. A random example is Warble BassLead. If I select that preset and play a long note which exceeds two bars, the sound automatically gets cut off after two bars. I was wondering if there's some way to change this and make the sound as long as my note is in the piano roll. I'm very new to Zebra, so I'm sorry if this question sounds noobish. Hope someone can help me out with this. Thanks!

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    Possibly because envelope or MSEG has been set to end at some point. Should be an easy fix. Check the envelope to see if the sustain is up and then if there's any MSEG modulation going on. Only have stock presets myself so can't check for sure.

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