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Thread: How did they edit this sample?

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    How did they edit this sample?

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    this is killing me for days now

    Im currently working on my first big remake of a rap song. While i got 99% of the sound design down as to where it almost sounds like a perfect instrumental, im stuck at one thing.

    The original song uses a sample of a foreign woman singing in the intro. This is what it sounds like:

    Vocaroo | Voice message

    After days and days of trying to find the sample, i finally found it 2 days ago.

    YouTube (At around 8 seconds)

    I noticed that the sample in the rap song goes like B - G - G - A - F# note wise.

    If you listen closely though, you can hear that they've probably edited different parts of the sample together.

    The first two notes (B to G) are found @ the 8 second mark of the video, but i dont know where the rest comes from.

    Do you have any suggestions as to how this can be edited to sound like the original? It bothers me soooooo much because i got the rest of the song point perfect.

    Edit: My dumb bum just realized that in the original rap song posted above, there is a small window in which the rapper doesnt sing and you can hear the sample clearly. I think im just going to cut it out of the original song if i dont manage to get it done.
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    they used 2 maybe 3 different chops, just keep listening to find each chop and than do the same

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