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Thread: Electric bass loop library in the making - i need your input

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    Electric bass loop library in the making - i need your input

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    Hi all
    This is my first post so ill introduce myself first
    Im Thomas aka MarloweDK, a pro bass player and educator mostly known from my youtube channel Marlowedk
    Ive been working on a licensefree bass loop library for some time now and would love to get some feedback from producers that uses bass loops in their music.
    Im providing a link dropbox link to a selection of bass loops in different styles, tempos, played with different basses etc. Some of loops are both in dry and processed versions. Please try them out!

    What matters most to me right now and the main reason for this post is:

    I would love to hear your opinion on the loops

    • are they useable?
    • if not, what kind of bass loops would be useable to you?
    • Is the sound quality ok?
    • Its is mostly 2 and 4 bar loops, is that would producers want?
    • Or should it be whole arrangements/song structures, like in Verse, Chorus, and Bridge sections?
    • any other thoughts?

    You can hear demos of other loops in a simple musical setting on my Soundcloud page

    Thomas aka MarloweDK
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