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Thread: Big News for Sampling

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    Big News for Sampling

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    Hey a friend sent me this link the other day:
    How J. Cole and T-Minus sampled exclusive multi-tracks for "Middle Child". | Tracklib
    Apparently J. Cole's sample of 'Wake up to me' by First Choice was made via Tracklib. Checked the sample out on there and it cost just 500 bucks which is crazy cheap for an artist as big as Cole and made it possible for him to sample exclusive stem-files (otherwise I think it would be nearly impossible to edit out all the instruments except the horns). I think the sample is dope anyways..
    Just wanted to share this with you since this, at least to me, seems like a big step overall for sampling, first time ever a sample has been cleared this way I reckon, can open up real possibilities.. So yea I'm excited bout it but wondering what you think???
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    Tracklib is incredible, so much variety and different genres. puts the act of clearing samples right in front of you, its crazy

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