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Thread: Are you able to record vocals on this .wav?

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    Question Are you able to record vocals on this .wav?

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    is it better to record vocals over an already completed track .wav file? or should an artist get all the stems of a track to record or actually record the vocals on the same file the beat was made?

    I posted the .wav file on my soundcloud, check it out:
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    I always say create a new session just for vocals... For one, you can focus on comping and arranging the vocal, just in that session.... and two, it takes far less CPU resources when recording to a stereo mix in a separate session.

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    Recording over a complete track basically removes a lot of the possibilities in carving the right space for the vocals - if you need to, say, cut a bit of mids from a guitar to make the vox fit better - well, you'd be cutting from everything in the same range. It's like trying to add an egg to a baked cake. Shouldn't be done this way unless there's no other way, imo.

    Of course sometimes the mix is sparse enough that it's possible to just drop the vocals on top and not run into major problems. But it still shouldn't be the preferred way of working.
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