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    Question Sidechaining Off - Beat

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    Hey guys,

    I am new here and did not really find a answer or advice to my question. I am producing half beat stuff, especially future bass. I know how to sidechain but I would like to know how you process the relation between your lowest bass layer and the kick?
    In house- and generally full beat music the sub-bass gets ducked really hard by the sidechain to keep space for the really low kick frequencies. But how do you do it with future bass music? Do you also duck the lowest base hard to the kick (like I do until today) or do you even cut the kick a bit higher to sidechain the low bass less?
    I know that it is something like of a personal preference but tell me how you do it

    I really hope I explained my point well so that you can get it.

    - Felixsonn -

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    you can make any type of sound be the trigger for sidechain ducking. whatever the characteristics of that sound, will affect the sculp of the effected sound that it is assigned to.

    i don't know if you want a specific formula to apply to your music simply based on genre, because then you end up with bass and drum tracks that sound like a cookie cut version of everyone elses within that genre. (my opinion)

    there are also ways to route or chain an eq to your compressor to more precisely sculpt only certain parts of the frequency spectrum of whatever is sidechained (specify only lows, mids or hi's -for example). OR "multiband sidechain compression" is a technique that allows more precise sculpting of only selected or the entire range of frequencies separated into different bands.

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