Hi everyone,

I'm just gonna go straight to the point here.

I have a problem in FL Studio.
The problem is, as it says in the title, some samples play before they should, which i know sounds very weird, but it's true.

To explain it a little bit, all i know is that samples that were added before a certain point in time all work fine, but everything added after that acts weird.
Say you have your kick, you place a simple 4 to the floor beat, and the first of the 4 notes plays exactly at the time it's supposed to play, but they other 3 samples play about 1/4 of a bar before they actual should

That's all the explanation i can give since that's all i know
My problem with this however is that it's a huge project that I've been working on for weeks and don't want to remake from scratch.
It's not a problem with the samples used either, because the samples thar have this issue work fine in other projects, but not in the current one i'm working on.
There are also a huge amount of effects on 2 channels, which make it impossible to just save everything into a preset and then try to assemble them again in a new project, recreating this project is my very last option.
I'm using FL Studio 12.4

Also, the problem is not the effects because if i disable all of the effects on the wrong playing sample, nothing changes.
And changing any settings within FL Studio itself also doesn't change anything.

I can't find anything on Google and i don't know if anyone has had this issue as well
But if someone knows what could cause this or how to fix this then i would really appreciate that.

So thanks in advance for any answers!