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Thread: Question For Rappers Who Produce And Vice Versa

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    Quote Originally Posted by julesbmusic View Post
    I have a folder on my computer titled "100 Beats" where I make 100 beats of any genre i feel then i pick 10 of the best ones, write to em, record em, pick 7, then mix and master them for a project. It usually takes me about 2 and a half to 3 months to make em and a week or 2 to write, record and mix.
    Wish I was that organized, I'm still working in a folder called "Summer 2013" haha
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    dang dude it's about to be 2018 just rename it 2013-2018 lol

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    Its a hand full to put the whole spectrum of record creating on your back sometimes. You want to stay consistent with your bars, while also, staying up to date with your beats. I think learning the piano will be a a great move in the long run. Mixing, I learned helps bring your beats our more and also your vocals, so it all plays hand and hand. I would say learn the bare basics of EQ. Mainly EQ and you would be set! Composing is mainly finding a DAW/ software program friendly enough for you and expressing yourself. I know your a lyric already so thats that.
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    just do it.. that's all i can say.. i lay a beat down.. come up with something on top it.. record and i know how to mix real well... so its nothign at this point.

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    I started out rapping when I was about 14 but by the age of 21/22 I'd stopped and only made beats for a number of years. I think I love production just a little more than writing - be it composition or working with samples, the creative process of making beats taps into a different part of the mind. Don't get me started on mixing - probably my favourite part of the process.

    Long story short, I'm 31 now and last year rediscovered how much I really loved writing rhymes and recording - it took a big break and for some additional life experience to inspire me to write again.

    Basically, I think when you do both, balance is a difficult thing to attain. I make tons of throwaway beats, but I tend to use most of the verses I write - mainly because writing takes longer to manifest into something productive for me - I really have to be in the frame of mind to write rhymes. With production, I can load up Maschine when I'm bored and still create something pretty cool.

    If you're interested, here's a little something I uploaded today which is me rapping/on production:

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    I just let it become one whether the first step is writing or producing, I will take either to the point where I plateau, then start incorporating the other into what I have started. I follow this process until I reach a plateau with both, and then I treat each aspect with the water torture treatment until I break through. Chipping away when feeling surrounded by walls on all sides is my personal approach to strengthening my creativity.

    Let's say I start with lyrics, maybe not even close to complete, my transition to producing could be exploring the delivery of the lyrics in other genres I enjoy as opposed to the genre it was originally written in. For example, I primarily start with rap but I will look for the underlying emotion I've expressed and deliver it in the genre I think best expresses that emotion. So now I've got this blues vibe riding out strong, from that I add and subtract from what I initially wrote to better express my interpretation of a blues structure.

    Following that milestone of shape and anchor, I could move into identifying the tempo and time signature with use of a metronome. Ok cool got that, now I may lay just the hi hats and rides for what I wrote and begin to identify a key and something like a chord progression.

    So on and so forth...on a personal note, it really took me quite a while to overcome the state of being overly attached to so many little things until I was finally, somehow, able to start throwing things away in an effort to move forward. In addition to that, overcoming my desire to finish each item on my plate before moving to the next helped me progress in productivity towards the end goal of wrapping up everything I start. So at the end of the day I don't have a fridge full of leftovers.

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