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Thread: Please Provide Ross Banter Feedback

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    Please Provide Ross Banter Feedback

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    Please give me some feedback about my song. From lyrics, songwriting, delivery, beat, mixing, mastering, producing, etc. Thanks.

    I Appreciate it .


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    There is a music section to post beats.

    I like the Eminem type rhymes but some parts fall off into gibberish that I don't know whats being said.

    Mixing is on point, no need to school you there. The beat is pretty good too.

    Vocals do sound like you recorded them in a large spacious room. One advise is to have your back facing the wall, almost lean against it, and project your voice into the mic. A lot of people do the opposite by putting the mic into a corner and spit into it with their backs facing the open room. That is no good because the vocals will bounce around the walls and into the mic creating unwanted effects as well as other sounds behind you leaking into the mic. Your back facing the wall will give less interference and less noise floating into the mic. I usually place myself into a corner and project my vocals outward to the room.

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