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Thread: No sound when I plug in the mic into my PC ?

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    No sound when I plug in the mic into my PC ?

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    I'm a newb producer and I use FL Studio 11 and Cubase LE 9 for making music. My audio interface is Core 1 by Alesis and so far it has worked well on both DAWs whenever I had used it for playing guitar thru them. I got a new Shure PGA58 mic for recording vox.
    I use an ASIO4ALL driver for both, but because I mainly use FL, I'll talk about that one. It's usually set up to 512 samples and it automatically changes to 1024 when I plug in the Core 1.

    I play my guitar thru FL and it comes out great (btw the only issue I have is that when I record the guitar track onto the playlist, the recording somehow picks up the rest of the track, and because of the slight latency it ruins the track so I always have to delete that guitar track. If someone could help with this too, I'd appreciate that).

    When I plugged the mic in, I chose the same settings as I do for guitar (except that I switch to LINE from GUITAR on the AI) but no sound playback whatsoever, not even the rest of the track that produced IN FL. I put the mic on Insert 1 and insert Edison in the effects. Then, I select Core 1 as an IN and OUT on both the Master and Insert 1 and it always works with guitar, but not w/ the mic. I can see that the mic picks up sound on the spectral view but I can't hear anything on my headphones. Does anyone have any idea what I should with the issue(s) ?

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    your mic may need phantom power to work. Some audio interfaces provide phantom power so may not. Try checking the settings and see if you can find anything that enables it.

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    ^ ya, make sure phantom power is on. Condensor mics require phantom power (+48V)
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