Hello everyone.

I am planning to record my music doing hip hop violin. I am wondering if I can record my violin using ordinary microphones?
I know you will tell me that I must use expensive microphones for recording the string instruments but is there a plug in for my DAW?
Is there an EQ that I can use to improve my tone? I have asked my sound engineer friend and told me that there are some plugins for FL studio that I can use to improve my tone.

I am looking for someone who can somehow emulate the tone of these guys:
G Dragon Violin | Hip Hop Violin | Kpop Violin
Josh Vietti - "Hip Hop Violin Medley"

(just searched them on youtube)

I don't want a dry sound like
Lucine Fyelon Pound Cake Hip Hop violin

Please comment the EQ meters,

I need the following:
1. Plug in names )with pictures and download links)
2. Directions of usage
3. Standard EQ graph
4. Additional tweaks to reach that tone

Hoping for your quick response! Please help me! I need to make a performance video before this month ends.
please please please

P.S. I would like to show my youtube channel link but I don't think it's relevant