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Thread: Most Annoying Thing Ever!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadHat33 View Post
    Yes! I very much agree--- Cars seem great for testing stereo spread and deeep bass, phones/laptops are wonderfl for checking mids (aka: balance I would reckon). Knowing when something is truly finished is always a trick! lol, I find dedlines really helpful, that way send guessing has no room to take over decision making

    Wishing the best!

    "Beats?" It depends. An hour to several/many hours.
    An actual full-featured album track? We have never really been able to crack the 20-25 hour mark (that's all tracking from start to mix though).
    Jingles? They are more in the 12-15 hour range from start to finish.

    Conceptualization and mastering on either end may be included in those figures, or may take some extra time.

    So on-average, about 15-20 hours per individual project. Multiply that by average number of album tracks (10-12), and we're talking 200-plus hours for an album project. That includes tracking vocals though.

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